Smart Andon TPM Internex System

  1. MACHINE : Smart Andon, Preventive Maintenance, Movement, History, Downtime Analysis.
  2. QUALITY : Real-time input & information, Automatic Andon, History, Downtime Analysis.
  3. PRODUCTION : Smart Andon, Real-time Information, History, Downtime Analysis.
  4. MATERIAL : Smart Andon, History, Downtime Analysis.
  5. MOBILE : Andon Mobile Alarm – Action – Complete, PM & Movement Mobile Action.

TPM (abbreviated as “Total Productive Maintenance”) is issued by the Japan Plant Maintenance Association,

  1. Aim to build a quality company that can pursue the extreme pursuit of efficient production system (comprehensive efficiency)
  2. All the life cycles of the production system are covered, and all losses such as “Disaster Zero, Bad Zero, Fail Zero”
    We have built a system to prevent
  3. Beginning with the production section, it will be divided into all sections such as development, sales and management.
  4. Everyone from the top to the front-line employees participate.
  5. Defined as achieving Loss · Zero by duplicate sub-group activities.
  • Economical pursuit (PM for money)
  • Total System (MP · PM · CM)
  • Frequent maintenance of operators (small group activities)
  • Company-wide activities in which all sectors participate
  • Set all Losses to Zero (Zero oriented)

The TPM is a program developed by the Japan Plant Maintenance Association, and is used for PM (preventive maintenance or production maintenance)
Compared to the central facility manager, the TPM is an enterprise-wide
It is to develop facility management. In particular, the operator ‘s frequent maintenance and duplication sub –
It is a feature.

  • Meaning of Total Efficiency Total
  • Total of “Life Cycle of Production System” means “Total”
  • “Total” means “total participation”
  • JIT and TPM are closely related.
  • JIT production, which is said to produce [what is needed, when necessary, as necessary]
  • TPM can be said to support full implementation.

TQC and TPM are also aimed at [improvement of company’s constitution], but TQC [Quality (Out-put side,
(TPM) is a means of “in-put” (for example, Side, cause])], we are aiming at realization of ideal conditions of on-site spot.

TPM Consulting Headquarters, Korea Standards Association Consulting Co., Ltd., established TPM in partnership with Japan Plant Maintenance Association

Computerized Maintenance Management System: CMMS
It is operated by the Cyber-Consulting Center, which enables on-line consulting of non-management computerization.
We are contributing to strengthening competitiveness of Korean companies by achieving high efficiency at cost.