Fundamental Information management

(setup fundamental needs for integrated manufacture information system setup)

  • Management the fundamental information which on base for system operation and user on other modules
  • Managements fundamental code, items, customer accounts which needs for system  operation
  • Managements user data, program data for system operation
Sales management
(cost management, manufacture request management, outcoming warehousing instructions. Etc)
  • Managements fundamental cost data such as item cost which influence manufacture process
  • Order management
  • Provides detail of sales management actions such as outcoming warehousing confirmation, manufacture request s along with received order
Purchase / Stock Management
Support manufacturing with managing materials and outsourcing accounts which needs for manufacturing and sales
  • Forecasts and analysis the raw material to set up plans for material supply plan, and accomplish stock management, release material, purchase material to manufacture process.
  • Management release of raw materials which commit for manufacturing
  • Analysis the material amounts which commit for manufacturing
Manufacturing Management
Management manufacture records, progress, also managing product quality and stocks which on progress and warehousing even analysis productivity
  • Manufacturing plans and instructs work  for daily / monthly
  • Inquire and analysis records along with instructions
  • Analysis productivity for records of each work time in daily
Manufacture Process Management
Collect and associate of manufacture records automatically. Management each process and LOT.
  • Management for records of each process, equipment
  • Scanning of each Equipment on real time
  • Define contact point of each process, equipment, I/O ( certain of operation, define trouble of equipment)
Quality Management
Management of examination information. Defective proportions, management of QC. QA)
  • Registration of Examination standards and management of examination information
  • Management of cause of defective for each products/ raw materials/ process
  • Receive of returned products and management products